Doing His Thing

Gabe is a Sports Guy.

Which is a little baffling to Andrew and I since, well, we barely know a tennis ball from a football.

Ever since he could grip a ball, the child has been throwing things.  If you come visit us, within 36 seconds, Gabe will ask you to play some sort of catch/throw/run game.  His hand eye coordination is pretty impressive and he can throw the ball hard and fast with 96.3% accuracy.

It's so fun to watch him out on the field doing his thing.

And wouldn't ya know, I'm pretty quickly becoming a Sports Mom.

the tongue.  i can't deal.


His Little Ticker

It's been a year since Gabe's surgery.

I can't decide if that feels like yesterday or an eternity ago.

Maybe that's just how it is with things that monumental.  

I look at him today; running, playing, talking all the words.  The boy honestly never, ever is still until he goes to sleep at night, where he falls asleep fast and hard and wakes up ready to tackle the new day.  It's unbelievable to think that he only has half of a heart.  One ventricle doing all the pumping and oxygenating for that busy body.

We are under routine maintenance care now.

Going to see the cardiologist every three months for now with hopes of cutting back even more in the near future.  Last week we had one of those visits.

Finding a cardiologist out here has been trickier than I expected.

We found one when we first got to Arizona that was good, but we ended up switching insurance and that doctor wasn't on the new plan.  We ended up not really knowing who to go to, but after some hunting, we found a doctor just in time for his second Arizona appointment.

Obviously, Gabe's case is complicated.  We want a great cardiologist that we can stick with until he ages out of pediatric care.  His new doctor walked in and just had the Grandparent-esque feel to him. Gabe loved him, I loved him.  And bonus, he wants to immediately start working towards getting Gabe off these diuretics.  

umm, when did my daughter get so big?!?

Nothing new to report.

We go back in May just to assess how he is doing coming off the meds.  So glad to be in the part of this where we aren't waiting for a shoe to drop at all.


Well, hi.


Man, it's dusty around the old blog!

I've wanted to write, even started a few times, but our days have been so packed that it just didn't ever get finished.

We moved to Arizona for months like March.

The weather does this amazing metamorphis and everyday's forecast is the same: Sunny with a side of perfect breeze.  It's Spring Training here and Spring Break for much of the country, which turns Scottsdale into a Vacation Paradise.  Our town is packed full of people relaxing and having fun and, other than the parking situation, I can't help but jump on their vacation high.

But forget about all the other visitors in town, MY family is rolling in and out.  We've had so much company here and my heart is just busting that I get to be here for all of it.  Heck, I hosted a card game with all of my aunts the other night and couldn't even believe they were all in my house!  So fun.

We also had the best little treat:


Nora and Ralph stayed for a week and then Nora went to run the New York Half and we got to keep Ralphie for an extra week.  It was so much fun.  He left a couple of days ago and it's just not as fun here without him.

I've been missing Aaron a lot lately, so the timing was great.  It did my heart good to wake up each day to a little piece of him.  Not to mention he is the best behaved baby that has ever existed.  

So here's a peek at our busy couple of week.  Mostly pictures of Ralph because I'm a proud Auntie.

my mom and bill had a whole week with all 4 of their grandkids together!

Gabe has a bunch of fun stuff going on, like t-ball and starting a new school, so maybe next week my own kids will get some face time around here!


1st Fontan-versary

One year.

One magical, adventure filled, strong hearted year.

One year of red lips and pink nail beds.  Of O2 stats at 99.

Gabe runs and plays hard.  We've come to expect the look of disbelief when people see his scar poke out of his shirt and we tell them what it's from.

Sometimes I look at him and think, "Good Lord kid.  you only have half your heart!"

How are you alive?  How are you hugging me and talking to me in that little munchkin voice?  How do I get to keep you?

I remember this moment.

The first time we saw him after doctors cut his chest and broke through his breast plate.  When his eyes were so puffy he couldn't see and blood flowed through the tubes.

I remember his screaming in terror from the morphine induced nightmares and not being able to hold him.  I remember telling him he couldn't have a drink as he begged for water.  I remember hours that turned into days and honestly not having a clue if the sun was up or what day it was or when any of us ate last.

And then I remember watching my baby boy recover.

Beat every odd I had placed on us.  He'll never walk that soon.  He can't play or talk or eat.

But he did.

So fast.

And even though it wasn't an ideal recovery and he hit setbacks and, God, was it scary, he did it.

Gabe did it.

I'll never forget the way those two weeks in the cardiac unit felt.

Every up and down.  The desperation to be home and never wanting to not have nurses there to help.  The frustration and anger and hope and peace.

I'll never forget watching Gabe come back to life.

Gabe's life was saved one year ago today.

And that's a day worth celebrating.

if you're a hlhs mom or know one, i'd absolutely love to connect with you.  these kids are amazing.